Surgical Comfort

In Hospital General Surgery

Both of our Doctors are excellent soft tissue surgeons and are very skilled in performing any surgery your pet may need, from routine surgeries such as spay/neutering, removal of lumps and bumps, to emergency abdominal surgery and biopsies. But that's only the start. We offer the latest in anesthetic and monitoring techniques to make surgery as safe as possible for your pet, from start to finish. Each surgery patient is under constant supervision by a highly trained Nurse. Surgical monitoring includes, but is not limited to, steady monitoring and record-keeping of:

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • EKG
  • Comfort Status
  • Fluid Needs
  • Temperature

Pain Management

We offer the cutting-edge approach to pain management. We will make absolutely sure that your pet gets fast pain relief, regardless of the cause. We incorporate the latest recommendations from the American Animal Hospital Association for traditional medications and for surgical pain management, but that's not all. We also utilize: ​

  • Laser and Infrasonic therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Assisi Loop therapy
  • Homeopathics
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbal medication
  • Acupuncture
​By treating our patients as the individuals they are, and by paying close attention to their individual pain management needs, we are able to keep your pet stress-free, pain-free, and happy.

Specialty Surgery Referrals

Some surgical procedures are best left to veterinarians who have received specialty training in them. You would never want your family physician to perform heart, brain, bone, or eye surgery on you or a family member. At Knollwood, we believe that your pet deserves the same level of care, which is why we refer to area cardiologists for heart surgery, to neurologists for brain and spinal cord surgery, to orthopedic surgeons for bone and joint surgery, and to ophthalmologists for complicated eye surgeries. If you have a questions about whether your pet should be referred and who we would refer to, just ask! We'll be glad to refer you to a qualified specialty surgeon.