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In The Event Of An Emergency

In the event that your pet needs medical attention outside of our regular business hours, we have provided an interactive map of several emergency facilities in the greater Chicagoland area.

Our recommendations: 

  • Call ahead to the chosen emergency clinic to verify directions, as well as to receive any pertinent information about transporting your pet or immediate first aid that you should supply before heading their way!

  • Ask about wait times. ALL area ERs triage, meaning that they ask questions to determine which patient has the greatest medical need. Patients with life-threatening emergencies will always come first, just as you'd want for your own pet.

  • Be aware that ALL area ERs are currently curbside.

  • Take water for your pet, food and water for yourself, and hit the bathroom before leaving home. Currently, non-life threatening emergency needs are approaching a 6+ hour wait time during peak hours.

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