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We LISTEN First.

We believe that good patient care ALWAYS starts with respectful communication. First, we listen to you and your concerns.

Then, early in the course of your pet's care, our Doctors communicate a tentative diagnosis, their medical plans, and a tentative prognosis.  If surgery or dental care is recommended, all aspects of the procedure, including resuscitation services and advanced directives, are explained to you, and are communicated to all members of our Surgery Team.

Additionally, we always give the opportunity for a second opinion or a referral to a specialist. One of the blessings of living in our area is that there is access to most of the same specialists you'd expect your own Doctor to send you to, if you had a complicated medical problem - from eye Doctors to heart Doctors, specialty surgeons to neurologists, and more!

When it comes to your pet's health and comfort, our Doctors and Nurses expect that you will be completely satisfied

with the knowledge you've gained at your visit.

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Complete, expert exams and individualized advice to keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come.

Heartbeat Icon for Integrative Health at Knollwood Hospital For Pets

It's more than just regular vet care or holistic care - let your pet benefit from ALL of what veterinary medicine has to offer!

Cat Icon for Nutritional Counseling at Knollwood Hospital For Pets

We'll teach you how to promote good health through healthy diet and exercise - without a ton of supplements.

Cat with Bandage Icon for Surgical Comfort webpage at Knollwood Hospital For Pets

Excellence in surgical and anesthetic care plus the latest in pain management equals happy, comfy patients.

Pet Medicine Bottles Icon for Specialty Excellence at Knollwood Hospital For Pets

Integrative care, individualized to your pet, means that there is always an answer, even for tricky medical challenges.

Animal Tooth Icon for Dental Expertise at Knollwood Hospital For Pets

Our preventative care keeps your pet's teeth and gums healthy - and that's key to good health!

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