Integrative Health

Integrative Consultations

Getting started: Your initial consultation Integrative consultations with Dr. Deborah Mitchell are by appointment. The initial consultation appointment is one hour in length, plus the time required for any initial treatments or therapies. During this initial appointment, Dr. Mitchell will thoroughly review your pet's history and medical conditions, will listen carefully to your concerns, and together with you, will decide upon an appropriate therapeutic strategy designed to maximize your pet's health, happiness, and well-being.

Part of our working strategy will be regular communication between Dr. Mitchell and your primary care veterinarian, regular communication between you and our Veterinary Nurses, and a consistent, in-office recheck schedule with Dr. Mitchell. Follow-up visits can be scheduled during any hour of any of Dr. Mitchell's working days, Monday through Friday. Several important considerations before scheduling an initial appointment: A referral consultation with Dr. Mitchell is not a substitute for your regular veterinarian's medical or surgical care, nor for their medical advice. Dr. Mitchell works with your primary care veterinarian and keeps them informed as to your pet's progress. If you wish to transfer ALL of your pet's care to Dr. Mitchell, we can do this, too. This doesn't alter the time frame or fee for your initial consultation, and we will still need access to all of your pet's prior medical records. We will require, as part of our care for your pets, that we see you on a regular and ongoing basis (dictated by your pet's health and age); that you adhere to the minimal vaccine guidelines that we recommend; and that you do have all of your routine care needs performed by us. Restoring health to a severely ill pet cannot be done instantaneously. What's a good, realistic approximation of how long it will take for us to help facilitate your pet's wellness? Usually, as long as it took for your pet to take those steps from vibrant good health to their current condition. Ready to start? To begin the consultation process, please click the button below. A member of our Online Consultation Coordination Team will contact you within seven working days. Your consultation will be scheduled only after we receive a complete medical history and supportive information such as blood test results, X-rays, and biopsy results.

Your veterinarian may prefer that some hard-copy documentation, such as non-digital radiographs (X-rays), be either mailed or hand-carried by you, to our office. If so, we will need to receive this documentation at least 1 week prior to your appointment.

Current state laws require a valid Doctor-patient relationship before medical advice can be offered to a client. We do not offer telephone consultations with Dr. Mitchell, under any circumstances. If you are uncertain as to whether Dr. Mitchell can help your pet, we can answer that question ONLY after we have had the opportunity to thoroughly review the medical history provided by your veterinarian.

If you have not received a reply in your inbox within 7 days, please check your Junk Mail folder to be sure that our response was not mistaken for spam or give us a call at 847-891-8944. Click here to begin the process

Laser Therapy

Knollwood's certified Laser Therapists utilize the newest, most updated, FDA approved Class 4 medical and surgical laser therapy unit available.

Cold Laser Therapy can have a very positive effect on many conditions and ailments, including arthritis, open wounds, rhinitis/sinusitis, hot spots, ear infections, painful sprains, strains, and bone fractures, as well as severe mouth infections, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. Laser therapy "stimulates healing on a cellular level," says Certified Laser Therapist Steph. "It helps stimulate the cells in the problem areas and helps the body to heal itself. Certified Laser Therapist Hannah says, "the treatments are painless, warm and soothing for the patient, and really helps them feel better. On a day-to-day basis, we see impressive results". Click here to schedule a consultation


Acupuncture: pain relief and a whole lot more! Acupuncture is one of a variety of therapies that we use at our hospital. Most simply stated, acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body, usually by means of a very thin, flexible, sterile needle. Stimulation of an acupuncture point causes a complex cascade of body responses and the release of many neurochemicals and hormones into the bloodstream. Depending on the point stimulated, acupuncture can result in the release of the body's natural pain relievers; can enhance wound healing or repair of a fracture; can relieve muscle spasms; can stimulate the immune system or the birthing process; can enhance the blood supply to a degenerating joint; and can dilate the respiratory passages to bring relief to an asthmatic patient. What conditions respond to acupuncture? We often use acupuncture to bridge the gap between medicine and surgery. It is generally our therapy of choice when medication is not working or when it is contraindicated because of serious side effects. We also often use acupuncture when surgery is not feasible, either because of anesthetic risk or the owner's desire to avoid a surgical procedure. Some common examples of use include:

  • Musculoskeletal problems: hips or elbow dysplasia, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, chronic pain syndromes, and neck or back injuries. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with chiropractic care for these problems.
  • Skin problems: frequent skin infections, ear infections, excessive hair chewing, flea bite allergies, lick granulomas, and chronic mange infestations. Herbal treatment may be appropriate as well.
  • Nerve disorders: traumatic nerve injury or paralysis, certain types of muscle weakness or paralysis resulting from back or neck injuries, degenerative nerve conditions such as German Shepherd myelopathy.
  • Respiratory problems: asthma, chronic lung disease, respiratory changes associated with heart failure.
  • Urogenital problems: frequent bladder or prostate problems. Herbal treatment may be added.
  • Reproductive problems: failure to cycle, uterine infections, as an alternative to Cesarean sections.
Which of the Doctors at Knollwood perform veterinary acupuncture? Dr. Mitchell is very experienced in veterinary acupuncture. She received her certification in 1993, through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS). She is also certified in veterinary chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She is one of less than 700 veterinarians in the entire United States who are double certified in these specialties. She lectures extensively to veterinary groups across the country about veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, and related therapies, and she has served as a teaching instructor for the IVAS course. Dr. Mitchell is also a Certified Usui Reiki Master and incorporates this energetic hands-on healing system into her acupuncture treatments. Click here to schedule a consultation


Chiropractic is a noninvasive, drugless system of health care that addresses the nerves, muscles, and joints of the body along with, of course, the spine. All the nerves in our body, and in the bodies of our pets, get to where they are going after exiting the spine. These nerves then arrive at their final destination to do their job. That job might be facilitating fine muscle motions, like those that allow your cat to play with a toy. They could also be nerves that allow your pet to feel heat, cold, and pressure, nerves that allow proper digestion and elimination, or nerves that allow quick healing after an injury, a faster time during an agility trial, or a better response to training. Chiropractic is different from other systems of medicine, in that a chiropractic doctor works to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms of the problem. Treating only your pet's symptoms is like seeing a smoky fire and clearing out the smoke without putting out the fire - you know that the smoke will come back eventually!​ Whether your pet's problem is chronic constipation, a painful hip, an inability to complete an agility course quickly, a lick lesion on a foot, or a painful, stiff spine, a veterinary chiropractor will likely start by examining the spine and then all the joints, from those of the shoulders and hips down to individual toe joints. Problem areas are adjusted as they are found.​ We take great care to make treatment comfortable for your pet. If your pet has substantial muscle spasms, we may use laser or acupuncture to relax the area first. The speed and completeness of recovery after an injury is identified depends on these factors:​ The length of time the injury was determined to have been present The pet's age and physical condition The amount of damage to the nerves, joints, and spine Your cooperation: Since chiropractic care takes time, we usually set up an anticipated schedule of needed treatments. How well and how completely your pet heals is directly related to how well you are able to maintain treatment on a needed basis. Pets removed from treatment too soon will often relapse and the best results may not be achieved. Which of the Doctors at Knollwood perform veterinary acupuncture? Dr. Mitchell is a skilled and experienced veterinary chiropractor. She received her certification in veterinary chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1998. She is also certified in veterinary acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. She is one of less than 700 veterinarians in the entire United States who are double certified in these specialties. She lectures extensively to veterinary groups across the country about veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, and related therapies. Dr. Mitchell is also a Certified Usui Reiki Master and incorporates this energetic hands-on healing system into her chiropractic treatments.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine: Drug-free therapy without side effects.

Herbal medicine is part of the system of primary medical care for much of the world's population. Even in modern Western medicine, about 30% of all drugs are either derived from plants or are synthetic versions of them - such as the cancer-fighting drug vincristine, from the periwinkle (Vinca) plant; Or acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), based on willow tree bark; Or the heart medication digoxin, from the foxglove plant. Growing recognition of the high cost and unacceptable side effects of many drugs has driven consumer interest towards safer, effective herbal alternatives.
The wealth of information from Japan and China's effective use of combinations of western medicines and herbs has sparked new interest in using more herbs.

At Knollwood, we utilize herbal preparations that have enjoyed centuries of use. Side effects are rare, because these formulas and herbs have been studied for literally hundreds of years - far longer than Western drugs are studied before they are unleashed upon us! We utilize only medical-grade prescription forms of herbs: tablets and freeze dried herbal formulation. This means that you NEVER have to mix up a bitter-tasting concoction to administer to your pet. Only a small amount is needed per dose. For complicated medical cases, we prefer the freeze-dried approach, as this allows us to customize an herbal blend specific to the needs of your pet.​ Herbal therapy offers a fresh, safe, effective approach to the treatment of medical conditions that have been unresponsive to traditional Western drugs. Herbs are also an excellent choice for pets who cannot take a certain type of drug due to allergies, side effects, or drug resistance. Click here to begin the process


Essential oils for your pet's comfort and well-being.​ The health benefits of essential oils are well known. Whether your interest is improving your pets immune system, reducing stress, or simply improving your pet's home environment, the right essential oil can help. Essential oils have been medically documented to benefit the immune system. By application to your pet's collar or just through inhalation, the right essential oils can positively impact the immune system by improving or stabilizing mood, increasing brain activity, and enhancing biological functions important to health and healing. Immunoglobulin levels in the bloodstream have been shown to be positively impacted by essential oils, notes Dr. Daniel Penoel, a leading medical aromatherapist and medical doctor.We utilize prescription-grade essential oils to benefit your pet. These are are made in small batches and are packaged in the blue vials that are known to protect essential oils the best. Schedule a visit with Dr. Mitchell to learn which aromatherapy oil or mix is best for your pet!​​Contact the Consultation Coordination Team to schedule an aromatherapy appointment with Dr. Mitchell, and we'll soon have your pet blossoming with improved health and well-being. Click here to begin the process

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers: For your pet's mind-body connection.

The emotional status of our pets determines, in part, how quickly their bodies will heal from illness or injury. Bach Flower Remedies (BFRs) resonate with the emotional aspect of a pet to reestablish equilibrium and harmony within the body, thus facilitating healing. Bach remedies are an especially safe form of homeopathy, utilizing only very gentle, flower-based remedies.
A properly selected BFR is extremely helpful in speeding the healing process. Combination BFRs must be carefully selected with a specific pet's needs in mind. Commonly available "generic" combination remedies, such as Rescue Remedy, are often much less effective than one chosen by Dr. Mitchell to specifically meet the needs of your pet. ​To find out whether Bach Flower Remedies can benefit your pet, call us at 847-891-8944 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell. We'll schedule both an initial exam and a telephone follow-up appointment for you. Appointments are currently available. Click here to begin the process