Dental Expertise

Expert Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums are key to your pet's good health. We offer FREE in-hospital dental consultations with our trained Veterinary Nurses, for all current Knollwood clients. Our Nurses will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to improve your pet's health, starting with good dental hygiene. Regular professional care of your pet's teeth and gums is necessary for most pets, just as it is for you. The old, tired adage that eating a dry pet food maintains healthy teeth just isn't true, any more than eating only dry, hard food would maintain your teeth without help from a dentist. Our Veterinary Dental Team works hard to keep your pet's teeth, gums, and entire mouth in tip-top shape!

Pain Management

We offer the cutting-edge approach to pain management. We will make sure that your pet gets fast pain relief, regardless of the cause. We incorporate the latest recommendations from the American Animal Hospital Association for traditional medications and for surgical pain management, but that's not all. By offering a cutting-edge, multi-modal approach to pain management, we can make absolutely sure that your pet remains comfortable during, and after, surgery and dental procedures. We incorporate traditional medications, laser and infrasonic therapy, along with integrative methods - both in-hospital and when your pet goes home. By treating our patients as the individuals they are, and by paying close attention to their individual pain management needs, we are able to keep your pet stress-free, pain-free, and happy!