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Prescriptions to your door

It's no secret that many pets fail to see the humor in having medication administered on a regular basis, or even occasionally. If more of your pet's medication ends up outside your pet instead of inside, where it needs to be, please call us!
We work with several compounding pharmacies that can ship medication right to your door, quickly and conveniently. Or, you can pick it up at the hospital - let us know what is easier for you. Many common medications can be compounded into a tasty liquid. Flavored pills are another option. Some medications can even be made into a cream that you can just rub into your pet's ear - this is a great option for cats!

Knollwood's mailing service brings medication to your door!

You're running out of your pet's medication in a few more days, and you don't want to have to drive to the hospital to pick it up.

Or you simply don't have time to fight traffic.


And now you don't have to.

As long as your pet's wellness exam & core vaccine schedule is current, just call us or easily place your order online. We can ship any needed medication or necessary medical supply right to your home or office. It's fast, safe, and inexpensive. In fact, it might cost you less than the gallons of gas it takes to drive to us!

We also offer "Tiny Tabs" - a complete dose of many common medications in a size appropriate for pets under 15 pounds. No more splitting pills into eensy-beensy shards and guessing whether you are getting the correct dose into your tiny darling! We'll dispense exactly the right size medication so that your pet can get better, faster. Pill Pockets are another great option for making it a little easier to give medication. They turn your pet's pills into a yummy snack! We carry an assortment of various sizes of these handy little pockets, which can be easily molded around any size pill - and our flavor varieties are sure to please! Call the hospital and ask to speak to one of our Nurses, to discuss which option is right for your pet. If you require your medication order within two hours and within our business hours please call us at 847-891-8944 to check availability. 

Please note that payment is required in advance anytime we need to order/call in any medication or veterinary diet pet food that is requested. This can be done via credit card over the phone or by visiting our office. 

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