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The Knollwood Pet Relief was created to give you a place to honor your loved one in a way that brings joy to another. Whether you've recently lost a pet and are looking for a kind home to donate items to, or have a few extra things your pet no longer uses, we can help!  We've been the center of giving back to the pet community for over 29 years.


We are a unique group that accepts unexpired pet food and pet medication, plus pet care items in gently used condition. We accept large, clean, items from pet wheel chairs, crates, IV poles and unused fluid bags, to smaller items such as collars, leashes, bowls, beds and pet grooming supplies. We can use almost anything clean and in good condition!


All monetary gifts go directly to the KPR fund, which is used to help Knollwood clients who are temporarily disadvantaged and who indicate that they will "pay it forward" when they can. We know that being the best pet parent you can be isn't always easy. But with KPR and  our community's help and passion to give back and pay it forward, anyone can become a great pet parent - and that truly helps us become a a great pet community.  

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" We rise by lifting others "

 - Robert Ingersoll

To see a full list of donation examples or to make your contribution click here

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