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New Client Forms

Knollwood's New Client Form

New Client Form link

If you would like to make an appointment for new primary care patients - in other words, for traditional medical care for a healthy or health-challenged pet, you can assist us to speed up your first check-in, by submitting this form in advance of your first visit with us. As well, it's necessary to have all of your pet's prior medical records available AHEAD of your appointment time, so now is a good time to start that process moving forward by making that request of your current veterinarian. Rest assured, we'll schedule your first appointment ASAP, upon receipt of your pet's prior medical history (exam sheets and any and all lab testing done), and this form!

**PLEASE NOTE: This New Client form is ONLY for new primary care patients for either a healthy pet you'd like to keep healthy, or a health-challenged pet for whom you'd like to have excellence in traditional medical care provided. You will not receive advice about any of the integrative therapeutic options listed below, aside from laser therapy. Dr. Mitchell has provided primary care for over 35 years and has superior medical skills in providing such care. 

If, on the other hand, you are interested in integrative or holistic advice and treatments provided specifically by Dr. Mitchell, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, raw food diets, laser therapy, Reiki, herbal therapy, Bach Flower remedies, homotoxicology, and other holistic or integrative therapies, for either a health-challenged pet or a well pet, that is an extended, 40+ minute appointment, and this is not the form to use! Instead, please contact us here and we'll be happy to make an appointment for you through our Consultation Coordinator. If there are any questions about which appointment applies to your pet, please feel free to speak with our Consultation Coordinator for clarification. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping our online process move smoothly!

Change of Information Form
Change info

Change of Information Form

If you are in need of updating any basic information, such as phone numbers, new address and so forth, you are able to do so below. 

Integrative Referral Form
Referral Agreement Form

Integrative Referral Agreement Form


COVID-19 Treatment Consent Form
(Currently not required, although we continue to monitor the incidence of local C-19)

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