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  • Expert Wellness Examinations
    Our focus at Knollwood is integrative preventative care and wellness examinations. We provide complete, expert medical examinations and individualized advice, focused on teaching you what you need to know and to do, to keep your pet as healthy as possible. If you need help with ANY medical problem, rest assured that we can - and will - deal with it in a prompt, professional manner.
  • Problem-Solving Medical Diagnostics
    We are problem solvers! Whether your pet needs basic or advanced diagnostics to identify what is wrong, we can help. ​ In House Diagnostics: X-Rays Blood Pressure Cardiac Screenings Blood Tests Urine Tests
  • Pain Management
    We offer the cutting-edge approach to pain management. We will make absolutely sure that your pet gets fast pain relief, regardless of the cause. We incorporate the latest recommendations from the American Animal Hospital Association for traditional medications and for surgical pain management, but that's not all. We also utilize: Laser & Infrasonic Therapy Cryotherapy Assisi Loop Therapy Aromatherapy Herbal Medication Acupuncture Homeopathics By treating our patients as the individuals they are, and by paying close attention to their individual pain management needs, we are able to keep your pet stress-free, pain-free, and happy.
  • Microchipping
    It's a sad fact that over 85% of lost pets are recovered without any collar or tag identification. You can maximize the opportunity to be reunited with your pet by calling for a microchipping appointment. A microchip provides permanent, lifetime identification that can never be lost. The microchip - about the size of a grain of rice - can be easily implanted into the skin between the shoulder blades by one of our trained Veterinary Nurses. For under $50, you can provide your pet with safe lifetime protection that can never be lost!
  • Vaccinations
    Have you ever been to a facility that tells you about "Platinum" vs. "Gold" or "Silver" vs. "Copper" levels of vaccine protection? Would you be surprised to learn that what they usually refer to as the "least" level of protection may actually be the BEST and SAFEST for your pet? Today's watchword on vaccinations is "individualized." Vaccinating with every vaccine known to be available for a dog or cat - just because it is available - isn't just old medicine, it's BAD medicine. That means that more hospitals should do as we do - tailor vaccine protocols to your pet's specific needs, after a careful discussion with you about the risks your pet faces. We'll explain what your pet needs - and what your pet doesn't need - and why.
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