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Over the next 5 days, pets will die.

Over the next 5 days, pets will die. Someone will be sobbing to their regular vet or a late-night ER vet that they "didn't think" it was too hot to walk or bike with the dog, or to leave their bunny, cat, or pocket pet home with the AC off while they were gone. This week, THINK before you do any of those things. This week, it IS too hot, & your pet could die.

What about car rides? Riding is OK, but leaving your pet in the car can be deadly. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine hope their findings will put to rest the misconception that a parked car can be a safe place for a child or pet, even in mild weather. "There are cases of [death] on days as cool as 70 degrees,’* said lead author Catherine McLaren, MD, clinical instructor in emergency medicine. Though past research has documented the temperature spike inside a car on extremely hot days, this is the first time anyone has looked at cooler days, she added.”

Through the weekend and all next week, keep pets inside except to eliminate, make sure plenty of fresh water is available at all times, and keep the AC on whether you are or home or not. A pet's life will depend on it.

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