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Special pets allow us to remember the good times we shared with them, even as we mourn their passing.

Circle of Light

A client has passed on a beautiful way to honor the passing of our furry friends and critter companions to us and we are honored to continue the memory onto others.


About Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is a worldwide, at-home, pet memorial that is held every month on the night of the full moon. To take part in this beautiful tribute, light a candle and spend a few minutes quietly thinking about, meditating upon, or sending intentions or prayers for those special pets who have gone.

NEW!!!  Local Pet Support Group now hosting monthly Zoom meetings

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association hosts a pet loss support group, called Wings, on the first Wednesday of every month.

For more information about Wings, please visit their website or call their Pet Loss Helpline at 630-325-1600.

Normally, Wings meets at 7:30pm at the CVMA office at 100 Tower Drive, Suite 234, in Burr Ridge.

No reservations are needed, and there is no charge to attend, but they do accept donations.


Beginning on Wednesday, June 3, Wings will be hosting a Zoom meeting in place of the usual in-person support group meeting.

 (Zoom meetings will continue on the first Wednesday of every month until in-person meetings resume.)

To join the Wings Zoom meeting, please email Dr. Linda Harper at: by 6:00 pm on the night of the Zoom Wings meeting. 

You will then get an invite from Dr. Harper with instructions on how to enter the Zoom Wings Meeting.



To memorialize a special pet on this page, send a picture and your tribute to

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