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Special pets allow us to remember the good times we shared with them, even as we mourn their passing.

Circle of Light

A client has passed on a beautiful way to honor the passing of our furry friends and critter companions to us and we are honored to continue the memory onto others.


About Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is a worldwide, at-home, pet memorial that is held every month on the night of the full moon. To take part in this beautiful tribute, light a candle and spend a few minutes quietly thinking about, meditating upon, or sending intentions or prayers for those special pets who have gone.

NEW!!!  Local Pet Support Group now hosting monthly Zoom meetings

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association hosts a pet loss support group, called Wings, on the first Wednesday of every month.

For more information about Wings, please visit their website or call their Pet Loss Helpline at 630-325-1600.

Normally, Wings meets at 7:30pm at the CVMA office at 100 Tower Drive, Suite 234, in Burr Ridge.

No reservations are needed, and there is no charge to attend, but they do accept donations.


Beginning on Wednesday, June 3, Wings will be hosting a Zoom meeting in place of the usual in-person support group meeting.

 (Zoom meetings will continue on the first Wednesday of every month until in-person meetings resume.)

To join the Wings Zoom meeting, please email Dr. Linda Harper at: LHarper6@aol.com by 6:00 pm on the night of the Zoom Wings meeting. 

You will then get an invite from Dr. Harper with instructions on how to enter the Zoom Wings Meeting.



To memorialize a special pet on this page, send a picture and your tribute to knollwoodnews@gmail.com

In Loving Memory


Sam With Dr. Mitchell's kind & compassionate assistance, Sam transitioned to the next life on May 25, 2011. I would like to take a moment to convey gratitude & also write a little memorial to my best friend. Though relatively small in stature, Sam's confidence, courage & indomitable spirit earned him the nickname "Mighty Mouse". He could easily keep his bigger brothers in line just by raising a tiny white paw. Rocky & Sox knew it was time to stop "bugging" him when the paw went up. I don't think Sam ever met a being he didn't like - except maybe the nurses at Knollwood when they tried to take his temperature. :) He was friendly & outgoing toward the humans he met, & accepting of the 4 adopted cat brothers he had during his earthly lifetime. Sam never let the cancer get him down. He always seemed able to find enjoyment in the moment, whether it was laying in a lap, basking in the sun, or watching birds. My little buddy was truly an inspiration. Though I will miss his physical presence, there is great comfort in knowing that Sam has been restored to perfect health in another world, & that my life was touched by such a wonderful teacher. Thank you to everyone who supported Sam & I with prayers & good intentions. We are so appreciative of & blessed by your kindness. Special thanks to Drs. Mitchell & Bhatt, & the rest of the Knollwood Staff who gave Sam such excellent & compassionate care. And a very special thank you to my sister, Susan, whose love & support was instrumental in getting me through this difficult time. I pray that you are all blessed with special angels like her & Sam. Love & Peace to Everyone, Myra May 25, 2011


Jack; My little guy is sorely missed, and the house is very quiet now... Jack passed peacefully and unexpectedly in his sleep last week. Recently, he had been diagnosed with a heart disease - something that probably slowly developed during a lengthy recovery from a horrific car accident he suffered as a stray, prior to being rescued by Colonel Potter's Cairn Rescue Network. CPCRN picked up the tab for Jack's immediate emergency care and then, when he refused to die as everyone expected, they paid for the multiple surgeries necessary to repair his crushed pelvis and abdomen, and to amputate a completely mangled hind leg. Following surgery, Jack went to a loving foster home in St. Louis, where he slowly recovered from his serious injuries and regained the use of his bladder and his remaining hind leg. His amazing foster family taught him manners and gave him unconditional love - probably a first for him! Once I met Jack (his wonderful foster family drove him up to Chicago to meet me), it was very clear that he knew he was the one for me! Jack loved coming to the hospital every day with me, loved barking at the deer in his yard, loved going up north to Wonder Lake to go boating, and loved his weekly hydrotherapy sessions with Holli. Bottom line, Jack loved everyone and everything. Despite his health challenges, Jack hesitated at nothing and wasn't afraid of anything (although I DID manage to convince him that using a doggie ramp to get outside was a better choice than hurling himself off a 3 foot deck!). He remained utterly fearless and in love with life, right up to the end. Good life lessons for all of us, I think... Dr. Mitchell Jack Each Cairn rescued by Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network receives a handmade blanket to represent his or her newfound love and safety. Jack's "Blankie Auntie" not only made his adoption blanket, but also this lovely memorial card.


Zeke ; The coolest cat ever. He loved warmth, sunshine and food. One of our favorite memories of him was how he greeted us at the door. If our shoes had laces, he would scratch them like at a scratching post, rub his face on our leg and then lead us to the refrigerator. If no laces, he would skip the scratching, rub his face and go straight to the frig. Unlike our other cat, we never really felt like Zeke's moms. More like the two chicks he lived with. He earned his name, Zeke the hairy beast, for some antics in his early years. We called him that so often that it eventually became just 'Beast.' He is greatly missed. Beth S. & Joey S. August 7, 2010


Buddy came into my life 9 years ago, rescued by my friend, Jeff, from a neglectful owner. We offered him a new home, and he gave us ALL of his heart. Buddy was a sweet and gentle being, packaged in an 80 pound furry mass of a golden retriever. He was the perfect bundle! I also have never seen a dog happier to be at the vet's than Buddy. Oh, he loved visiting Knollwood every time! He greeted all the staff with his wagging tail and loved rushing into the back area, past the examination rooms. Buddy was not a "kissy" dog, but he surely doled out kisses to Dr. Mitchell. He knew he was in good hands when he comes to this place. I struggle to write this, as the pain of losing my best friend is still very fresh (a week so far). I know time will be the only cure, aside from the support of family and friends. In the meantime, I am posting this tribute to my friend. ​MY FRIEND BUDDY
Ever Gentle, Always Loyal, Forever Pure... The time that our paths in life had crossed, passed way too fast I am so sad to let you go, and yet, feel comforted to know that you have crossed onto your bigger journey. Thanks for the companionship, Thanks for always being there, Thanks for making me know that someone is always happy to see me when I get home, no matter what my day was like. Thanks for making everyone who came by our home feel your sweet welcome, they will always think of you fondly. Life has been richer that you were part of it, Life shows me that I have to learn a lot from you. Take care, Buddy, see you again someday. I miss you already... Jaygee S. August 27, 2012


My Forever Princess Chinook has been my constant companion for many years. Her spirit has surrounded me with much joy and happiness. She was such a gentle, understated soul. She was happy to go along with any/all activities including many cross country road trips and the entertainment of the elderly and young children. Chinook did not really consider herself to be a canine but rather a "princess" that was to be treated very special and treated special she was by everyone that knew her. Needless to say she usually got her way and more recently she had elevated her standing to "diva". This last year Chinook took on an incredible challenge after surviving major surgery in September. She fought valiantly to maintain her good health and stamina. She enjoyed her weekly swims and our evening walk-abouts. Sadly, her body gave out on her in the last few weeks and she has now passed on to her eternal rest. Chinook will be missed greatly but will always remain in my heart as the true "princess" that she was. August 18, 2012


​Duke With Dr. Mitchell's patience and determination, we managed to have a little longer with Duke. At the age of 13 1/2, his immune system was beginning to shut down and everything became a challenge. He had been deaf for about a year and his immune system could no longer ward off infections that were being caused by allergic reactions to the world around him. On January 12, 2012, I held him for the last time while she guided him to a more peaceful place with no more struggles. He became my soul mate long before losing my husband in 2008. He was always willing to be with me with an unconditional love, no matter what my need may be. He carried me through the 3 1/2 years since my husband's death and never failed me. Friends and family tell me that he was lucky to have someone like me to love & care for him......but he never doubted me and I will miss him each and every day that passes in my life. Heaven knows that I was the lucky one in this relationship. My home and my heart are very quiet and empty but I thank God daily for the time I had him in my life. Thank you to Dr. Mitchell and all of the kind staff at Knollwood. They helped us for many many years and I was grateful they were there for both of us. Sincerely, Kathy G.


​Nessie went to the Rainbow Bridge recently with the aide of Dr. Mitchell. Her family held her in their loving arms as she left us. She had been a very valiant dog, fighting the splenic cancer over 15 months right up until the last few weeks when a second kind of cancer put her in a great deal of pain. Thanks to everyone at Knollwood for their excellent care and all thoughts and good intentions that made her quality of life great until the very end. Elizabeth B.


​Kelsey's Hurricane Bertha RN, RL1, CGC, HIT, W-SSFD Kelsey 6/18/1997 - 3/6/2012 Too small to be mistreated Much too young to know That better homes existed Where love and trust can grow. Moments of elation Silliness and fun Where you could be a happy dog Safe to play and run. You struggled with some issues Always guarded, with reserve Never quite attaining The peace we all deserve. A better place called Rainbow Bridge Where you can now be free Where you are able to become All you were meant to be. No troubles and no worries You rise above your past Peaceful and protected Confident at last. by JoAnn N. March 6, 2012


​Luigi Many thanks go out to Dr. Mitchell and the entire staff at Knollwood Hospital. Luigi was my little guy and you and your staff prepared us very well for his end of life journey. We appreciate your kindness and love of our many pets that have passed through your doors Love Always, the Goles Family


​Taz He was my baby and best friend for 13 of his 15 years. As I type this through my tears of sorrow and pain, my broken heart. But I want him remembered by the doctors who tried to help him. He had a number of illnesses, but was such a fighter. He didn't want to leave, but his body just wouldn't hold up to his spirit and love for us. I'll will forever love you and miss you until we meet at the rainbow bridge. Diane May 16, 2011