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At Knollwood, we practice one medicine: Integrative Medicine

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 We want our patients to benefit from ALL that the highest level of veterinary medicine has to offer, not just what holistic medicine or traditional Western medicine can provide. We believe that integrative medicine offers the best tool, at the best time, for the health condition that is presented. And it offers the best options for wellness-focused care, too. At Knollwood Hospital for Pets, we would no more deprive you of the best that Western Medicine has to offer than we would neglect to tell you when acupuncture or chiropractic; laser therapy or homotoxicology; or even herbal therapy or a Bach Flower remedy would be in your pet's best interest.

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Our Services and Procedures

Commitment To High Quality Care

Wellness Care

Complete, expert exams and individualized advice to keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come.

Integrative Health

It's more than just regular veterinary care or holistic care - let your pet benefit from ALL of what veterinary medicine has to offer!

Nutritional Counseling

We'll teach you how to promote good health through healthy diet and exercise - without a ton of supplements.

Surgical Care

Excellence in surgical and anesthetic care plus the latest in pain management equals happy, comfy patients.

Specialty Care

Integrative care, individualized to your pet, means that there is always an answer, even for tricky medical challenges.

Dental Care

Our preventative care keeps your pet's teeth and gums  healthy - and that's key to good health!


Our Knollwood Pet Relief program gives you a place to honor your loved one in a way that brings joy to another. It all started in 1995, when a grieving client found comfort in making a donation to help other pets. Whether you've recently lost a pet and are looking for a kind home to donate items to, or have a few extra things your pet no longer uses, we can help! We're proud to say that we've been front and center in giving back to the pet community for over 25 years -- and with your help, we can continue to give back.

Knollwood's mailing service brings medication to your door!
Dr. Mitchell
Dr. Mitchell
Knollwood Front Office
Knollwood Front Office

Our talented staff

Exam Room
Exam Room

Hospital Assistant


Veterinary Nurse, Certified Laser Therapist


Michelle, Hospital Administrator


I'm very thankful for the caring person you are and and for all the brilliant care my babies received from you and the entire staff over the years. Every day I had with Tara was a blessing and I thank you for helping me have a few more years. I hope you all know how very special you all are.

Lori C.,

Roselle, IL

There is no place besides your hospital where I feel safe to say exactly what my Sophie means to me. I cried when I talked about her to you today ... But I know that Dr. Mitchell, and your Nurses, and everyone there, DO understand how important our pets are to us.

Frank C.,

Mount Prospect, IL

Knollwood is an AWESOME hospital, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. In fact, I DO recommend them, every chance I get! Everyone at Knollwood is friendly, professional and caring for both pets and humans.

Nancy B.,


We can't explain enough how grateful our family is for what you did for our precious Lola these past 15 years. Knowing she was under your care made everything much easier to deal with. There is no other person we wanted to be with during our difficult time. You are simply the greatest, and we can't wait to see you again.

Cinthia M.,

Schaumburg, IL

Dr. Mitchell spent so much time with us explaining everything related to our Rottie, not just dogs in general. We learned so much from her. She’s extremely knowledgeable, caring and personable.

Sylvia W., Streamwood, IL