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Since opening our Schaumburg, Illinois veterinary practice doors in 1993, we've had this vision and philosophy:

  • We are here to serve people who are as passionate about the health and well-being of their pets as we are about our own.
  • We care for companion pets from their juvenile period through their geriatric years, providing high quality medical care with love for the pet and deep respect for their human partners.
  • We are mindful that wellness focused, preventative and integrative veterinary medicine is the BEST medicine!
  • We make our practice an emotionally safe and comfortable environment for pets and their people.
  • We promote, achieve, and teach excellence in integrative and preventative veterinary medicine.  
  • We acknowledge the joy and wonder in what we are privileged to do, every day.



Twenty one years ago, we were the first practice in the entire Chicago metropolitan area area to practice integrative wellness medicine.  And we're still the best, as well as the most knowledgeable.  We have served as teachers, mentors and role models to other area veterinarians and practices for over 25 years.  Our joy and our delight in caring for our patients shows, every day.

We'd love to meet you and your pet - please use the e-mail logo on the top of this page to reach us.   Or, make an appointment to stop by for a cup of herbal tea and a quick tour of our hospital, conducted by one of our Nurses.  

You are never a number to us at Knollwood!  We evaluate and treat all patients as the individuals that they are.  After a careful and thorough evaluation, we will be pleased to provide any requested information about anticipated services.  

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you'll tell your friends about us, and we look forward to serving you soon.



Thank you all !!

Knollwood is an AWESOME hospital, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.  In fact, I DO recommend them, every chance I get!  Everyone at Knollwood is friendly, professional and caring for both pets and humans. I know our Roary (Cairn Terrier) would not have stayed with us as long as he did had it not been for Dr. Mitchell.  He suffered from horrible arthritis and had been diagnosed with lymphocyctic leukemia in July of 2010 when she met him.  I can never thank Dr. Mitchell enough for all she did for our little old man. With her help, Roary was 15 1/2 when we had to help him to The Bridge. Thank you for all you did for our wonderful Roary (Ch Flickwynd's Roar of Woodwynd CD RA). 

Nancy B.



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