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Coronavirus impact?

We are here and ready to help.

As coronavirus continues to impact our lives and communities, we want you to know that Knollwood Hospital for Pets is prepared and here for you during this time. We have taken precautionary measures to protect the health of our patients, their humans, and our employees, while ensuring you’ll continue to receive the same high level of service from us.

We are focused on the safety of everyone and in doing all we can to ensure business continuity. In addition to following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we’ve evaluated the exceptionally thorough hospital sanitation program that has won us top-level American Animal Hospital Association accreditation since our hospital open in 1993, and we have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures at our hospital.

But that's not all - we've taken steps to make sure that critical hospital functions continue in the event of any disruption, with policies, people and plans in place to provide continuous service. And this is not new- ever since 9-11, Knollwood Hospital for Pets has had comprehensive plans and strategies in place to manage effectively through emergencies. We are prepared, and we'll continue to monitor this situation.

Be comfortable knowing that we have developed and tested comprehensive plans to effectively manage through situations like this. We are well prepared, and we’ll continue to take the necessary actions to safeguard our employees while delivering the high level of medical care and warm service you are accustomed to receiving from us.

Now: keep washing your hands, remember that masks won’t protect you (they were designed to prevent infected persons fro spreading their own germs) and READ here about how to safely disinfect your home to help keep you and your pets safe. It includes specific CDC information on how to make a safe cleaning solution that kills coronavirus, as well as how much, how often, and specifically what to clean. Remember, by keeping your home healthy, you reduce the risk of getting this viral disease. You can do this!

Let’s keep everyone safe,

Dr. M.

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