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REAL heroes wear veterinary scrubs

National Veterinary Technician Week celebrates the efforts of millions of unsung heroes across the country. All of us who work in private veterinary medicine do what we do because we love what we do, despite impossibly long and hard hours for impossibly low pay compared to anything else we could be doing. That disparity causes most people to finally walk away from the job.

Dr. Mitchell is privileged to work with those who DIDN'T walk away, those who continue to show up for work every day with smiles on their faces, love in their hearts, and kindness and patience all the way down to the insoles for their achy feet in their shoes. THESE are her personal heroes and the strongest women she knows. They are the ones who share her knowledge that we DO make a difference with our determination and dedication. They keep her focused, remind her what we are all here for, and make our craziest, busiest and even our saddest days rewarding for all of us.

Knollwood Hospital for Pets & Dr. M would be completely and utterly lost without the efforts of Diane, who's been a RVT as long as Dr M has been a vet; Yadi, who's worked first in pediatrics & now with furry babies; Hannah, who started with us straight out of college years ago & who plans to work towards her CVT degree; & Stephanie, who came to us after a career in emergency veterinary medicine, so that she could form relationships with her patients instead of never seeing them again once she saved their lives.

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