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Could your cat be hiding diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in people AND in cats, according to the Association of Feline practitioners. But signs of diabetes in cats can be subtle - and cats have exceptional abilities to hide disease, as most cat lovers know. Many cats don’t tell their poeple that they are sick until diseases such as diabetes are at an advanced stage.

The GOOD news about feline diabetes is that there are signs you can learn to recognize, if you know what to look for:

  • Increased thirst, drinking more water than usual.

  • Urinating more than usual (more or bigger clumps of litter).

  • Increased appetite, eating more than usual.

  • Weight loss, even if eating more.

  • Weakness in the back legs (Dr. M calls this the “walking with a full diaper walk”).

  • Walking while in a crouched position.

What are some risk factors for feline diabetes?

  • Obesity

  • A dry food diet

  • Any diet high in grains

  • Too many annual vaccinations

How can feline diabetes be treated?

  • Injectable insulin

  • Oral medication

  • Herbal medicine*

  • Homeopathic or homotoxicologic medication*

  • Carnivore-specific, fresh food diet*

  • Some prescription diets

* Ask for an in-office consultation with Dr. Mitchell

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