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Know what to do to keep coyotes away from your home?

Did you know that there have been an increasing number of coyote sightings and confrontations in our area? Several of our patients have either been taken (and killed) or injured by these coyotes. Please read the following and do what you can to help increase awareness with your neighbors and to protect our families and pets.

  • Do not feed wildlife, causing them to become habituated to humans and their homes. Avoid overflowing bird feeders.

  • Keep all garbage containers closed and inaccessible. Adding ammonia or pepper spray to trash can discourage rummaging.

  • Be sure grills and barbeques are kept clean to avoid attracting animals. Clean up after fruit bearing trees.

  • Obey leash laws. Small dogs on the loose are attractive prey for coyotes, especially at night. Cats should be kept indoors, along with pet food and water bowls.

  • Coyotes are creatures of habit and can learn our routines. To avoid encounters, vary the time of day or route used for walking your pet.

  • Don’t invite coyotes to build dens next to or under your home: seal crawl spaces of decks, concrete slabs, porches, and sheds with welded wire; keep garage doors closed.

  • Thin out, trim and clear away shrubbery and ground cover vegetation that may provide cover for prey or for coyotes.

  • Use motion sensor lights for front, back, or side yards.

  • Provide supervision at all times for small children.

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