We GOT this - we'll keep you and your pets safe!

Big safety changes are now part of daily life at Knollwood Hospital for Pets, dear friends & family. 

We moved to "curbside service" back in March 2020, after listening to Gov. Pritzker & our state’s top physician Dr. Ngozi Ezike deliver their early COVID-19 reports, after listening to clients from many walks of life describe what was happening to improve safety at their places of work, & after meeting as a group to hear the safety concerns of our own staff.

Today, our hospital remains OPEN for business just as before, as we continue to offer ONLY curbside service until C-19 illness rates decline significantly in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kendall, Kane, & Will counties.

Specifically, that means that NO ONE is permitted inside our hospital, aside from essential care providers, who are gloved and masked at all times. If you've visited the haspital, you know the drill; and if you haven't, it is listed below. The one and only exception? If you are a Knollwood client and it is time to say goodbye to your pet, two gloved and masked pet parents may be inside our facility.

How long will this last? We wish we knew. But right now, all we know is that if we ALL work together to minimize everyone’s exposure, the COVID crisis will be over far sooner than if we all continue to expose each other. If we had to guess, we’d say that based on current projections for both a worsening crisis after each of the end-of-2020 holidays plus so many continuing to ignore the need to minimize gatherings and to stay home, we’d foresee curbside service lasting until well into 2021.

How will this work? For that, we developed a darn good plan, listed below, that is still serving us well (not perfectly, but well)! That’s because we listened to, and learned from, other area hospitals that were the first in our area to close to everything but curbside service. Special thanks go to Dr. Ashley Rossman in Glenview for her suggestions, and if you want MORE details, call us or ask for the handy little card we’ll bring to your car at each curbside visit.

  • When you notify us that you've arrived, a Receptionist will confirm what you are here for, then a Nurse will carefully listen to all of your questions and pet concerns. A gloved and masked staff member will come to your vehicle to bring your pet into the hospital while you remain in your vehicle.

  • We'll examine your pet, confirm & discuss medical plans & treatments, get your OK for anything we do before doing it, & return your pet to your vehicle upon completion of all agreed-upon veterinary services.

  • If you are visiting to pick up a med, food, or anything else, call when you arrive.  We'll confirm what you need and bring it out to your vehicle.

  • We'll collect payment via phone, & a gloved and masked staff member will return with receipt and any needed meds for you.

It wasn’t easy to come to this decision, because we love seeing each and every one of you. (To be truthful, we’ve been in mourning ever since social distancing happened and we had to stop with the hugs!) But it’s the safe and responsible thing to do, for the safety of your family as well as of ours. We’d never forgive ourselves if one of you got sick after being at our hospital. We also know that if a single one of us gets sick, we won’t be able to help any clients at all because ALL of us will be under home quarantine. (It's already happened once).

Please stay well, stay safe, practice social distancing, wash and sanitize hands often, wear gloves when shopping and don’t dig around in purse, wallet, or pockets while wearing them. Wear your freakin’ mask!! Yes, we know they’re not comfortable - we wear them 10+ hours a day to help keep you safe. You can do it, too. Remember that if you’re a fast walker or run for exercise, (or even if you're a singer or a whistler), your new social distance is at least 15-30 feet, not 6 feet.

Remember that there’s a whole big beautiful world out there, and it will still be there when this is over. If you're a gardener or a nature lover like Dr. M., you know this. If you’ve ever watched your dog or cat go nuts watching a squirrel or a bird, you know this. And for sure, if you’ve ever dodged a skunk, you know this! So, dodge the COVID skunk too, as best as you can...and we’ll deliver that hug just as soon as it’s safe to do so.

We GOT this! - Dr. M and all of us at Knollwood Hospital for Pets

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